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Golf Laser Rangefinder 1000M - 650M Telescope with Flag-Lock Slope Pin Distance Meter

Golf Laser Rangefinder 1000M - 650M Telescope with Flag-Lock Slope Pin Distance Meter

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The Golf Laser Rangefinder with flag-lock, slope, and pin distance meter capabilities provides several benefits for golfers.

Accurate distance measurement: The Laser Rangefinder provides precise distance readings to various targets on the golf course. It helps golfers accurately determine the distance to the flagstick, hazards, trees, or other landmarks. This information is crucial for club selection and shot planning.

Flag-lock technology: The flag-lock feature allows the rangefinder to identify and prioritize the flagstick among multiple objects in the line of sight. It ensures that the distance displayed is specifically for the pin, disregarding any other objects that might be in the background.

Slope measurement: The slope feature calculates the elevation changes on the course, considering uphill or downhill slopes. This information assists golfers in adjusting their shot distances to compensate for the effect of elevation.

Pin distance meter: The pin distance meter capability allows the rangefinder to accurately measure the distance from the device to the flagstick. This is particularly helpful when the flag is not visible due to obstacles, such as trees or bunkers. It enables golfers to obtain precise distance even when the flag is hidden from view.

Ease of use: The Laser Range Finder is straightforward to operate. You simply point the device at your target, press a button, and the rangefinder quickly calculates and displays the distance. The compact and lightweight design makes them convenient to carry around during a round of golf.

Improved decision-making: With accurate distance measurements at your fingertips, you can make more informed decisions on club selection and shot strategy. This can lead to better shot execution and potentially improve your overall performance on the course.

Model Number: YN-1000

Works in Yards or Metres

Certification: CE

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